Spent Grain Flour

Something that every home brewer thinks about at some point is, “What can I do with this 20lb wad of grain besides throw it out? ” I think about it every time I brew, how about you? Well, this weekend I finally decided to do something about it.

After I finished cleaning up my brew equipment I set out our entire collection of cookie sheets and using a soup ladle I scooped out as much grain as the pans would allow. I didn’t want the grain very thick on the pans so over the 5 pans I probably only had a few pounds of grain. I pre heated the oven to 200 degrees and set an hour timer. Every hour I raked the grains around and after about 4 hours the grain seemed sufficiently dry to proceed.



A closer view shows what the dried grains look like.



After letting the grain cool a little I dumped one pan at a time into my wife’s Christmas present,  a Vitamix 5200, and went to work. Each pan was roughly three cups pre-blend.


To get from grain to flour I started the Vitamix on low and gradually increased the speed until I hit 10. After a few seconds there I clicked it to high. I’m not sure if there is a specific time to blend, but I ran it until I didn’t hear a lot of solid chunks rattling around and it seemed to come out nice and fine.

The 3 cups of grain blended down to a little over 1 cup of flour.


This was the final haul of flour from my saved spent grain. I estimate about 5 cups of flour was made.


Overall I’m pleased with how this turned out. It’s great to be able to further use some of the brewing ingredients. Even if you don’t make flour the spent grains are good for compost or animal feed.

Going forward I’d rather have a food dehydrator for drying the grain. Maybe that will be a future brewery aquisition.

Now we just need to bake something!

Look forward to seeing some tasty spent grain and spent grain flour recipes in the very near future.

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