Extreme Brewing by Sam Calagione

During today’s Amazon browsing I stumbled upon Extreme Brewing by Sam Calagione. Right now the Kindle version is on sale for $2.99. That seems like a great deal for a book written by one of the absolute god fathers of craft brewing in this country.

For those of you that don’t know, Sam Calagione is the founder of Dogfish Head brewery in Milton, Delaware. Dogfish Head is known for their large line up of very creative, boundary pushing beers. One of which is their 120 Minute IPA.  The 120 Minute IPA is a very limited release beer that is quite difficult to come by. Someday I hope to score a bottle and be able to share the experience with everyone.

I did however get to sample some of their 90 Minute IPA that was on cask when I visited their brew pub in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. It was amazing, as were all of the other beers they had on tap that day such as the Wild Carrot Seed Ale, the Raw Creation, and the Raison D’Etre. The incredible beers along with the food make this a must stop location if you are ever out on the east coast. I look forward to going back some day and taking a tour of their production facility as well.

Anyway, reminiscing about our east coast brewery tour got me way off course on this post. I look forward to reading this book and maybe even making some of the recipes that Sam includes in the book. Maybe I’ll try to make my own 120 Minute IPA…

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