Brew Dogs at Founders!

The Brew Dogs are at Founders!

This is such awesome news.

You may have never heard of Brew Dogs. Maybe because you aren’t that big of a beer nerd or your cable package doesn’t include the Esquire Network. Either way, you need to fix that.

Brew Dogs is a cool show hosted by the Scottish brewing duo of James Watt and Martin Dickie. They have made some of the highest gravity beers ever and continue to push the envelope every time they brew.

For two seasons now they have crisscrossed the country brewing special and odd beers with some of the biggest and most trend setting breweries in the United States. Their recipes have included a beer in Philly with DNA encoded with the Declaration of Independence for the 4th of July to a spruce tip glacier water Kvass in Alaska to a swamp water voodoo beer brewed on an airboat in New Orleans. Those are just a few of the crazy things they have done. In addition to brewing something very unique they also visit local breweries, brew pubs, and craft beer bars and give their top 5 for each area they travel to.

The problem has been the lack of love for Michigan beer. Michigan has some of the biggest and best craft breweries in the country. Some cities have such a large gathering of breweries its hard to throw a rock and not have it bounce off a few of them. Grand Rapids was even voted “Beer City USA”.  Yet still, after two seasons there wasn’t even a single mention of Michigan. Even with some hints at what season three had in store there were big questions of whether or not a Michigan brewery would make the cut. Thankfully that is all about to change.

It’s so cool that they will be featuring some of our Michigan made beer on the show that I won’t complain about the brewery they picked. Honestly there really isn’t much to complain about. Founders is a huge brewery with amazing beer. They have a ton of national craft beer appeal and their special releases like KBS seem to just get bigger and bigger each year. I’d imagine that’s why they were picked and I’m sure it will be awesome. I just can’t help to wonder what it would have been like had these goofy guys paired up with some of the other off the wall breweries in the state like Dark Horse Brewing for example.

So set your DVR’s people and see if you can’t catch an episode or two of the Brew Dogs before we get to see Michigan craft beer finally get the recognition it deserves.

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