Cleaning The Conical

Recently I posted up about my 7 Gallon Chronical Stainless Steel Conical  from SS Brewing Technologies. One of the best things about having a stainless steel conical is how easy they are to clean. Since it’s always more fun to watch someone else do the cleaning lets get to it.

Here we are in the kitchen, unfortunately. Eventually I’ll have my cleaning station set up down in the brewery so that I don’t have to work in a small sink.


This is what the inside of the conical looks like after fermentation and emptying out the beer. It looks like it might be a tough road ahead…


One of the things that makes this process so easy is how compact the conical is. It fits well in the sink allowing me to use the sprayer from the faucet to hose it down.


This is how it looks after just a little hot water. Isn’t it amazing how little effort it takes to get it clean? Gunk really doesn’t seem to stick to the stainless.


It’s not completely without effort, but my little friend Scrub Daddy
makes quick work of any bits of stuck on gunk.


All of the fittings get disassembled and a good, hot soak in my favorite brewery cleaner, PBW. PBW, or Powdered Brewery Wash, is an alkali cleaner that is great for soaking and cleaning all the parts and pieces of your brewery.  Soak for as long as you need and rinse off this safe, environmentally friendly cleaner.

PBW can be bought in a couple sizes, but I like to get the 4lb containers. I still have a bunch left from the container I bought from Adventures In Homebrewing months ago and I use it for all sorts of stuff around the brewery and the house.

PBW 4lb Tub – Adventures In Homebrewing


It only took about 10 minutes to get to this point.


All clean and drying. Now the conical is ready to make yet another batch of beer.



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