Caught A Unicorn Yesterday

Yesterday I finally tracked down and caught my unicorn.


As you might remember from one of my first posts one of my most sought after beers has been the Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA.

After seeing a few Facebook posts where people had gotten some of the 120 Minute IPA I stoped at my usual beer store Friday after work. Sadly, they hadn’t gotten their allotment yet.

Saturday I stoped at a place I had never been to before. I looked all over the store and didn’t see it, but I figured I would ask. Half expecting to be laughed at, I asked the clerk if they had gotten any or would be getting any. To my surprise he said yes, but there was a catch.  Supposedly his distributor made him take a large amount of the Festina Peche to be able to get some of the 120 Minute. He was passing this problem on down the river. To buy a single bottle of the 120 you had to buy a 4 pack of the peach Berliner Weiss. I didn’t care, I wanted my unicorn.

So after spending an obscene amount of money to aquire two 12 ounce bottles of beer I was on my way home.


There they are, chilling in good company, proof that dreams do come true.


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