Brrrrrrew Day Part 2

Continuing on…

At right around noon it was time to pull the grain bag and start bringing the wort to a boil.


My pre boil estimate for volume was 8.55 gallons and I think I came very close to that. As close as the hash marks on my kettle show anyway.  The pre boil gravity was supposed to come in at 1.058. Based on the sample I took it was 1.056 after correcting for temperature. The color is also getting  close to where I want it to be. 


Given the conditions outside today I’m more than pleased with the results so far.

Boil was achieved right around 12:00 and I dropped in Sputnik with my hops.


I set the kitchen timer for 45 minutes and began the prep work on my pump and chiller. I also started writing this post.

That’s all for now. I’ve got to get ready to drag this thing across the finish line.


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