Brrrrrrew Day Part 3

The last bit of the brew day is usually where the flurry of activity comes. After you kill the flame and the temperature of the wort begins to drop it becomes susceptible to infection.

Here we are getting everything set up to try and make the chill and transfer as smooth as possible.


After the final 15 minute timer went off I went back to work.  Look at the steam rolling off the kettle. It makes it challenging to see how many gallons we are at. I think it was some where around 7.5.


After a few struggles early on we are finally here.  Cooling and transferring the wort to my conical. 



Final volume into the conical was right at 6 gallons and I ended with an OG of 1.064. Very close to my target of 1.066.

The only real problem I see brewing this time of the year is the temperature. The air is cold and the tap water is cold. Right now I’m waiting for my wort to warm back up so that I can pitch my yeast.

All in all I’m pleased with the day.  Now is time to go clean up my mess…see you in a week.  Haha

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