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A small, unassuming building just a couple blocks away from the site of a storied baseball stadium in Cork Town is home to what could very well be one of the best new breweries in the Metro Detroit area. That brewery is Batch Brewing Company.

Batch Brewing Company is the culmination of a successful Indiegogo crowd funding campaign and a small business start up grant.

We had the pleasure of making a visit to Batch this past weekend and I have to say I was truly impressed.

As soon as you pull into the parking lot you can tell that this is an establishment in it’s infancy. There was a temporary stairway and ramp set up and one of the owners was hand writing the hours on the on the glass door. This kind of stuff is to be expected considering they had only been open a couple weeks.

However, once you stepped inside it was everything you would expect from a full fledged brew pub. From the bar and tables made of reclaimed bowling alleys to the wide open view of all the brew equipment this place just hit it spot on. Instead of hiding away the kettles and fermenters they have brought them front and center and created an environment that makes you feel as though you are part of the brewing process.

We were lucky enough to show up right as they opened and beat the rush by a few minutes. When I say rush I really mean rush. Within a half hour of opening the entire place was packed, it was standing room only, and there was a line 15 people deep to order. Getting there before all of that happened was really good because we were able to talk to the owners for a few minutes about their experience and some of the headaches that they have had to deal with. I have to say you can’t ask for a more personable group of guys.

By now though you are probably wondering about the beer. The beer was so-so. No, just kidding, the beer was really good too. After sampling a few of the various styles they had on tap you would have a hard time believing that this was a place that had only been open for a couple weeks. You can see what they have currently on tap here. I had a pint of their Midnight Marauder, a black IPA. I was told their Wheated Kolsch is going to be one of the mainstays, but it was still in the fermenter when we were there. At the time of posting this though it looks as though they may have put it on tap now.

One of the questions I had as we were sitting there sipping on our beer was what their “Feel good tap” was about. Stephen, one of the owners, explained that its a rotating tap that will be associated with a charity. Two dollars for each pint sold of that beer will go to the charity. This is a novel idea and an cool way that they are giving back to the community that supports them. Bravo!

Something that a lot of small start ups seem to be passing on these days is food. While I’m not very familiar with the area, Batch may not have a lot of carry out or deliver options near by. This could be a good thing though because they have their own chef and he makes some good stuff. Just like with the beers you can see the current menu online here. Beyond what you see on the menu they have a rotating selection of pasty’s.

Being vegetarians we had the veggie pasty’s and an order of pretzels. The pretzels were unique. They weren’t like your typical dark brown, fluffy soft pretzel. Instead they were a little flatter, more dense, almost like a pizza crust. They were different, but good. The veggie pasty’s though were the true stand outs. A lot of people in southeast Michigan probably don’t even know what a pasty is. A pasty is a baked pastry that is typically filled with meat and veggies. They are quite common in northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula where Cornish immigrant miners made them. It was great and I hope it’s something they keep on their menu for the weirdos like us.

I really wish I had some pictures to share of the brew pub. It really is a cool place and I can’t wait to go back again. I think it will become a regular stop for us when we are down in that area. If you get a chance check them out.

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