Northern Brewer: Free Big Mouth Bubbler

I just received an email from Northern Brewer with the following promotion:


It’s pretty easy to dump $125 into this hobby at a time when you are acquiring your equipment. Do yourself a favor and get a little extra bonus too. It looks like you only have until 11:59 pm CST on 3/8/2015 to make your order so don’t wait around.

While I’m a huge fan of using my SS Brewtech 7 gallon stainless steel  conical I have a pair of these that I will always keep around the brewery. The large open mouths make them incredibly easy to clean. Being made of plastic makes them light, easy to move around, and most importantly safe. Last summer I had a glass carboy crack and was left with a pretty bad cut because of it.

From here on out its stainless or plastic for me.




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