Flirty Flamingo Part 3

Like I said, the last bit of the brew day is a flurry of activity. From the last hop addition to flame out and chilling it seems like it’s constant work.


Staging everything really helps. Having more room than on the cramped front porch helps even more.


After about four hours we are finally at the finish line. The chilled wort is filling up the conical and ready for yeast.


Today’s brew was very uneventful and that’s unusual.  However, I think it is impossible to escape brew day without some sort of issue. Today’s issue showed up right at the end of the day when nothing much could be done about it.

After chilling and taking my reading for the original gravity I came in right around 1.044. That’s low by about 5 points. It wouldn’t be bad if this were going to be a higher octane beer. But this was only supposed to be around 5% to begin with. If it ferments out the same as the previous version I’m looking at around 4.5%. Not horrible, but also not what I was shooting for either.

I’ll have to analyze the day a bit but I think my low boil off rate is probably the culprit. Boil off rate is something I seem to continually struggle with.

It’s not the end of the world. I was planning on making a few “lawn mower” beers anyway.

Now it’s time to relax, have some home brew, and finish enjoying this beautiful day.


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