Kegged: Shivering Schwarz Cordial

A couple days ago I finally kegged the Shivery Schwarz Cordial.

Before I started I pulled a sample to get the final gravity.


With a final gravity of 1.020 it still had plenty of sweetness left.


If you remember we started out at a 1.064. Finishing at a 1.020 gives an ABV of 5.8%. However that is probably a bit higher because of…


The additional sugar that was fermented from the nearly 10 pounds of cherries are sure to bump the ABV a bit.


They look kinda gross in there, but I can assure you the smell and flavor was really good.

I’ve said this many times, but one of the best things about the conical is how easy it is to keg your beer. Attach a hose, open a valve, and let it go.


After chilling and carbonating I finally got to taste what this beer had really become. While it seems a little thin to me the flavors are exactly where I wanted them. It’s a sweet beer, but you can tell there is a little kick behind it. The cherries gave a little sweetness, but also some tart flavors as well. Finally, the coco nibs gave it hints of deep, dark chocolate.


My goal was to create something similar to Atwater’s Decadent Dark Chocolate, but with cherries added. I think I hit this mark pretty close and with a little tinkering on the next batch can do even better. I think a little aging is going to do even more for it.

With this on tap and finally putting the Debbie Does Amarillo on tap I only have one keg in the kegerator that doesn’t have a home right now. However with the Flirty Flamingo and another batch of cider fermenting that’s going to become a problem again very quickly.

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    1. I wonder how long it would take before the feds shut me down if I put a beer stand out in front of the house. Haha.

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