National Home Brew Day 2015 Pics

How did you spend this past Saturday? Doing something beer related I hope.

I just wanted to get on and make a quick update here with some pictures and a little more info about the brew this past Saturday.

I hoped up in the back of the truck as my water was coming up to temp to snap a couple pictures.





It was early in the day and the parking lot got considerably more busy as the day went on. Some people started early and packed up right after they were done. Some people didn’t even start until the afternoon. Through out the day I’d estimate 20 or so brews were going on.

Here was my little bit of real estate for the day.


Having the folding table was a lot better than just using the truck’s tailgate. It gave plenty of room for supplies…and snacks.


Despite a good majority of the time during a brew day being spent waiting I really didn’t get to take too many pictures. There was a fairly steady stream of people to converse with. As you might guess, this event brought out a lot of people that had never brewed before, but were curious about the hobby. I did my best to enlighten them as to why I brought the gallows to brew day.

Just finishing up, chilling the wort, and getting ready to pack it in for the day.


My original gravity for the now named, 120 Minute Hefeweizen, was 12.4 Brix, which correlates to a 1.048SG. This was the first time using my birthday present to myself, a digital refractometer.


While being no where near a necessary piece of equipment, it should make getting my gravity from the hot wort a little quicker. In the past I’ve pulled a sample and had to wait for it to cool, which could take a considerable amount of time.

As I said in my previous post Saturday was an amazing day. I hope that anyone interested in home brewing is able to make it out to their local brew club or home brew supply store for these events. There is always a wealth of knowledge and home brewers are some of the most helpful people I’ve hung out with.

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