My First Bottles

What a day.

If you like doing dishes you will love brewing. LOL

I just kegged and bottled my 120 Minute Hefeweizen that I brewed on National Home Brew Day.

This is the first time I’ve bottled any of my beer. Everything I’ve brewed in the past had gone straight to the keg.  I’ve done this mainly because it’s easier and I like having my beer on tap.  However, I’ve always thought that I’d like to bottle a little of each batch to keep around to see how it changes as it ages. This batch gave me the motivation because there is a competition at Hopman’s Beer and Wine Making Supply for the people that brewed on National Home Brew Day. The winner will get their beer made into a kit and sold in the store.  Three bottles need to be submitted for the comp so I figured I’d bottle a few more at the same time.

Bottling was surprisingly easy. I’m not sure why I waited so long to do it.  I used priming tablets so that I didn’t need to mix up a batch of priming sugar. Other than that and cleaning some bottles the only additional step I had was transferring from the fermenter to a bottling bucket. Easy peasy.

So now I have 12 bottles carbing and the keg is chilling. I tried a warm, flat sample and I think it has potential. It finished out at 5.2% and dry hopping with the Hull Melon hops have given it an edge it wouldn’t have had otherwise.

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