Twisted Kisser Part 2

As I sit here typing this I can hear the thunder in the distance. I guess the weather forecasters were right, but I’m glad I didn’t risk it.

The brew finished up some time around 2:00 and I even managed to get the grass cut as well.

I was ecstatic that the numbers for my Memorial Day IPA were dead on. It made me feel like I’m finally figuring out my system and how to get the most out of it. I really couldn’t have asked for more,  but today I got it.  My pre-boil gravity was 4 points higher than I had expected and the measured OG going into the conical was 3 points higher as well. That’s all fine and dandy,  but what does this mean? From what I can tell, some of the tweaks that I’ve made to my process have made the system more efficient than I have been anticipating when designing my recipes.

While a few points higher could potentially lead to a higher ABV, at this point the increase would be fairly small. However,  if this trend continues it would mean that I could cut back on the amount of grain used each time to get the desired ABV. With the amount of beer I make it really doesn’t mean much, but if I were a commercial brewery the effects over the course of a year would be huge.

Numbers are just that and time will tell if it’s a good beer or not. In a few short days I’ll be able to get a better idea of where it stands.  So far the signs are good.

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