First brew of 2015

Today I brewed my first beer of 2015. It was a rainy/snowy day here in southeast Michigan.  At first flame the temperature was 32 degrees with winds at 10mph. Not an ideal day for brewing, but this was the only weekend I’ll have this month to do it.

After rescuing my blow up santa from the ice I decided to set up my equipment under the roof on the front porch. Despite being a little cramped it worked out well and other than overestimating my boil off rate it was a pretty uneventful brew.




Today’s brew was a blonde ale that I have now named Debbie Does Amarillo Dirty Blonde Ale. Based on my love of the Amarillo hops and the popularity of my Amarillo pale ale I figured having this on tap should be a solid go to beer for some of my “patrons” that aren’t into the craftier beers that I’ve made.


If it turns out it should be a very easy drinking beer with an ABV around 4.5% and a low bitter honey,  sweet malty flavor. The color will be a little darker than your typical blonde due to the honey and caramel malts I used.

I’ve done my part, now is all up to the little yeasties to do theirs. I’ll report back in a few weeks with some pictures and initial tastes.


Progress, not perfection.

Last night as part of our New Year’s weekend movie blitz we watched The Equalizer with Denzel Washington.  Good movie.  But one phrase from that movie stuck with me.

Progress, not perfection.

A quick Web search found that it is a very popular saying. But when Denzel says it, it rings louder.

It’s a great saying for home brewing. Every time we brew we chase perfection. Prefect sanitation, prefect recipes,  perfect process, perfect water,  perfect temperatures,  perfect everything.  But at the end of the day nothing will ever be perfect. We can shoot for that,  but I think we need to just strive to do a little better than last time and maybe someday that progress will lead us to perfection.

So that’s my motivational tidbit for the day.

Progress,  not perfection.

We knew it all along…

Beer is practically health food. Haha.


But really what this research is suggesting is that beer contains some good nutrients that we use. That research is coming from Charlie Bamforth, aka The Pope of Foam. If he’s selling,  I’m buying.

Our understanding of what the human body needs and how it should get it is constantly evolving, but this is the kind of research I like to see.




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