Pomegranate Cider

Recipe Details

Batch Size Boil Time IBU SRM Est. OG Est. FG ABV
5 gal 60 min 0.0 IBUs 14.2 SRM 1.084 SG 0.981 SG 13.8 %


Name Amount %
Apple Cider (Uncle John's 2014 Cider Blend) 41.75 lbs 97.66
Brown Sugar, Light 1 lbs 2.34


Name Lab Attenuation Temperature
Irish Ale Yeast (WLP004) White Labs 72% 65°F - 68°F


The purpose of this recipe is to keep track of volumes, OG, FG, ABV and tastes.

Start 5:00pm
Gravity of cider 1.042.
Added 1lb of brown sugar for 5 gallons
Brought to 200 degrees for 30 minutes.
OG 1.052
Pitched yeast 7:30pm
In brew bucket

Checked gravity. 1.014 5% ABV
Plenty of sweetness. More tart finish than the English yeast batch.
Fermenter had something that looked like soap suds on top. Went away as I was pulling a sample.

Pulled an 8oz sample. It has dried out a bit more. Didn't check gravity. Added 0.4oz (2.4tsp) of POM. Good flavor addition. Pomegranate flavor was slight but wife approved. Added another 0.4oz, wife said too much. Flavor becoming almost wine like. Added 1tsp plain white sugar to 5.5oz. Good extra sweetness. Well probably back sweeten at keg and add 32oz POM.

Kegged. FG:0.996 ABV:7.4%
Added one can apple juice concentrate and 32 ounces POM concentrated pomegranate juice. Good sweetness and good flavor. No other sugar planned to be added at this point.

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